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Welcome to the world of Herbs & Aroma

Pacific Herbs is the single source destination for high grade Indian herbs, natural herbs, herbal extracts, and dried flowers. We are known as one of the most prominent and supplier of all types of medicinal and aromatic herbs. These herbal products are offered both in the domestic and international markets besides; we are also one of the leading service providers in Essential/Aromatic oils grass cultivation. We source our products from all regions of India and export the same worldwide to our esteemed clientele. Our rich experience and networking helps us to offer pure herbs and herbal products as per the requirements of customers.

We can supply seeds and planting material for almost all the herbs, and other plants we are dealing with. We offer certified organic seeds as well as natural seeds. Most of these are from our own farms and nurseries. We can source organic herb seeds and organic herb plants from other farmers, nurseries and institutions any seeds or planting materials which are not available with us as per the requirement of our customers. We can supply these seeds from small packs to large scale.

In addition to this, we undertake make prominent for clients and offer guidance for cultivation practices. We can blend herbs as per the requirements of customers. You can give us a formula or ask us for recommendations for the results you desire. . We provide free guidance for cultivation and buy back arrangements. We are the perfect destination, if you want to avail Pure Herbal Extracts, Natural Herbs, and Natural Herbal Essential/Aromatic Oils etc. at affordable prices.

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