Coleus Forskohlii/Pashan bhed/ Patthar chur

Coleus Forskohlii is a Medicinal herb, it is a bushy growing up to 2 feet. The active ingredient is Forskolin which is found in the matured roots (dry & wet) of the plant and extracted by Super Critical Solvent Extraction and exported to Japan, Germany, USA and Russia for drug formulation. We are in contact with big traders and also associated with extraction Units Co. for consuming the dry and wet roots product.This crop need irrigation and can be sown any time (except extreme climatic conditions). Generally its dry roots are marketed but its wet root also can be marketed, we have buyers for wet roots also. Sandy loamy soil is good for this crop but it can be taken on other soil with little amendment/reclamation and proper management.

Brief information of this crop- Safe from Wild Animals.

  • Soil – Light or Medium (Sandy Loamy) and well - drained soil.
  • Climate- Maharashtra, Gujarat, MP, AP, TN and Karnataka climate is suitable.
  • Sowing – Preferably from July to March.
  • Crop duration- 6 to 7 Month.
  • Planting material per acre - 22 to 25 thousand fresh cuttings (250-350 Kg.)
  • Cost of cultivation per acre – Rs.12 to 15 thousand.
  • Production/ Yield per acre – 300 to 600 Kg. dry roots.
  • Market rate – Rs.100 To Rs.350/Kg.
  • Profit- Rs.50,000 & up to Rs.80,000 /acre.

We provide all concerned services like

  • Elite, Disease free & High yielding Planting Material
  • Crop agronomy (Land preparation to harvest) and
  • “Assured buy back”   support at different places.

  • We advice for

  • Soil selection, reclamation or amendment for the agriculture projects.
  • Development of the site.
  • Land preparation.
  • Sowing procedure.
  • Fertilizer doses and its application.
  • Pest & Disease control.
  • Harvesting and packing.
  • Marketing of the product at best prices.