Stevia Crop

Stevia Cultivation consultancy: Stevia cultivation in India

Stevia is one of the most profitable crops for the coming future. As the crop is only source of natural sweetness. The people are being less hard worker that is why they need calorie free substitute of the sugar. The artificial sweetener is problematic for the long term consumption. In the countries like Japan and Korea Stevia sweetener contribute 50% market share.

The stevia crop is propagated by the seedlings. We provide stevia seedling (Saplings). Plants population per acre is 25,000 to 30,000. We provide the complete consultancy from selection of soil to Marketing of dry leaves which include cultivation technology and crop management. We provide Assured buyback before cultivation starts to our Farmers/growers. Stevia is a very profitable crop. Once it is grown it can be harvested for five years. The stevia leaves are used for the making of the calorie free sweetener. There is huge demand of the natural calorie free sweetener in India due to the Diabetes.This is best suitable time for stevia cultivation. The Farmers/Growers who are interested to do the stevia cultivation can do the plantation. The plantation can be done by the saplings. The saplings are available in the market (but not reliable). If you don’t get from open market, we will provide you. The plant can be planted on the beds. The plantation on the bed helps to do the intercultural agricultural practices, like hoeing, weeding, cutting etc. It protects from the water logging condition. The seed/root treatment can be done by the trichoderma V. powder. Normally we can plant 30,000 plants in one acre. The net income is Rs.1,00,000 to 1,25,000 per acre per year. Monsoon or rainy season is the most suitable time for the new plantation. Stevia marketing is having good growth rate. We can provide you the best price for Stevia leaves. Kindly contact us for further details.